Laser technologies continue to open up the new horizons in industry and communications, medicine and military affairs, science and arts and encourage the innovations of the XXI century. They provide a transition to the "ubiquitous sensors and smart gadgets", to the era of the directional use of properties of molecules, to the digital laser movie and laser lighting, etc. Laser technologies in the industry make possible a wide application of new materials and additive technologies, allows to automate treatment processes, at the same time increasing the quality and productivity, providing significant energy saving and environmental purity, which nowadays the world is aimed to. Therefore, laser technologies remain demanded actively in any economic conjuncture and allow increasing the competitiveness of manufacturing even at the time of downturn and recession.

Laser Technologies and Instrumentation Department  gives young people all of opportunities to realize their creative potential in the field of micro- and nanotechnologies, as well as in the most modern fiber industrial technologies and in the new areas of research at the junction with biomedicine, chemistry and others.

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